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Websites Nichel Formatted the Layout and Design

  • Instructor of the Joy of Reading Course:
    I wrote and the instructor of The Joy of Reading course at Suite University. The Joy of Reading is for anyone who loves to read. The course is also beneficial to students and managers who needed to improve their reading and comprehension skills.

  • Editor of the Harlem Renaissance Topic:
    I performed biweekly content updates relating to this prestigous time period. I performed a great of HTML coding, updating the links sections, graphics embeddedin articles, contests, polls, and monitor the forum.

  • Reading and Literature Community Center:
    I was the Reading and Literature Community Manager at one of the best online magazine sites on the net. I perform weekly and new content to the community of editors and members. I reviewed countless articles of S101 editors for the Featured Article slot, and conduct interviews for the In The Spotlight slot. I planned online events, managed the community calendar, polls, bullentins, featured topics, and monitoring the forum.

  • Melvin L. Mitchell, FAIA:
    The Associate Professor and Director of Architecture Program at Morgan State University: This is his official literary site where I designed and performed HTML coding as well as maintain the content throughout.

  • I was the publicist for Melvin L. Mitchell, FAIA

    * Conferences via phone and email to literary contacts in the promotion of his book.
    * Organized and planned his 2001-2002 book tour.
    * Wrote his marketing plan and proposal.
    * Developed and wrote his press release.
    * Conducted and negotiated his lecture and book signing at prestigious universities.
    * Negotated and arranged TV interviews and radio interviews.

    Professional Writer:

    * Business Profile Writing:

    Intellitech: A major player in the fast pace technology world

    Have you ever wondered just how those fascinating websites are able to come up with their presentations? By hiring a technology consultant company to design from start to finish: Intellitech, is just that company, the CEO and President, Dale Dowdie, started the company in 1993, located in Malden, Massachusetts. The mission of Intellitech is to provide technology solutions for companies determined to be on the cutting edge of technology.

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    Dale emphasizes, "Not all companies need to go online, it depends on the company's set goals." Dale urged that every company realizes there are four areas of initial cost to set up a website; building the site, developing the basic storefront with no special features, this will cost you in the range of - $1,000. In addition, with more detail and added maintenance it can tally up to thousands of dollars.

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    Intellitech also has a joint venture with PCShow-and-tell, which provides tutorials for many software with easy learning modules. Also, the Nethousing program has grown to be successful as well, an in house management tool to manage real estate properties for low-income families for non-profited organizations. The Virtual Tours provides real estate agents to access millions of properties with ease. This continued success led Intellitech to the healthcare industry by developing iHealth, due out soon, providing opportunities to better manage business initiatives.

    Intellitech is a one-stop company empowering clients to stand out and be notice. With their exceptional technology expertise this major player is the one to watch in the coming future. To have a tour of what Intellitech can do for you check out their awesome website at

    @copyrighted 2001 by Blacklines Magazine

    *Marketing/Proposal Writing:

    Synopsis Marketing Plan

    "The Crisis of the African-American Architect: Conflicting Cultures of Architecture and (Black) Power"

    Melvin Mitchell, FAIA Literary Mission a graduate of Howard University in 1967 and educated at Harvard for the Master Architecture program, in which, he graduated in 1969. Melvin returned to Howard University to become an Assistant Professor in 1970 and later, in 1987, Melvin resumed full-time teaching at the University of the District of Columbia.

    In 1997, Melvin became the head of the fledgling architecture school at Morgan State University in Baltimore, MD. With many years of experience and knowledge acquired, Melvin became increasingly alarmed by several things, in which, led him to write this book:

    It began to occur to Melvin that black communities were not following the several early 20th century precedents that resulted in holistic redevelopment. The Tuskegee campus and numerous black new towns throughout the South were the most prominent examples of this. Also at that time in areas of the "performing arts" most notably music and dance black people epitomized excellence in American cultural life.

    So why, Melvin kept asking himself, was architecture so glaringly excluded from 20th century black cultural life? Melvin embarked upon writing his first book as part of a search for answers. He began with several hypotheses:

    (1) That black genius underlay original modern American music, dance, art, and possibly architecture.

    (2) That architecture should have been an integral part of black cultural excellence that was asserted during the Harlem Renaissance.

    (3) That Black America had abdicated responsibility to others for housing her people.

    Melvin Mitchell, FAIA book is an opening attempt to find what role trained black architects played (or fail to play), the role of the HBCU (historical black colleges universities) architecture programs, and what changes of course are required in the 21st century.

    Marketing Initiative

    The objective for Melvin Mitchell, FAIA thought provoking book is to provide a means of awareness for the African-American community. Therefore, marketing to the University Libraries, Professional Chapters, and Contemporary Book Stores in pursuit of influencing the African-American community conscious to take notice of the impending "Crisis" of the African-American Architect:

    (1) Conducting lectures at prestigious African-American Universities, primarily the Library establishments and/or Professional entities that relate to this area of expertise. Book signings at African-American bookstores and interviews on local talk shows and/or radio for more exposure of this pertinent awareness the author has raise for the African-American community.

    (2) Seminars, conventions, and general appearances will be individually discussed on availability and fees.

    Statistics Of The Academy And HBCU Schools:

    The state of the Academy and the eight HBCU (historically black college universities); relating to the academy being 123 accredited architecture schools dispersed throughout the nation's 3,500 four-year colleges. The below table exemplify the projected estimated enrollment of African American students in architectural schools providing a profound need for future programs to implement the needed changes of curriculum that is outline in Mr. Mitchell's book.

    Architecture Schools:

    The Academy; 45%
    Non-HBCU; 50%

    In 3 Yrs or more
    The Academy; 50%
    Non-HBCU; 55%

    These are estimated Projected Growth of future Black Architects.

    Melvin Mitchell's book focuses on this subject by detailing the many opportunities black folks had during the golden years of the Harlem Renaissance and later on during the 20th century. Black folks in the area of study of architecture and other humanity of culture must take notice of these issues raised by Mr. Mitchell.


    Objective: Providing influential writing services to promote a business focus initiative.


    -1995 - 2001 Author

  • Nonfiction/Fiction Author.

  • Short stories, novels, columns, and essays.

    - 2001 Publicist & Website Content Manager

  • Formatted the layout and designed the website for client, Melvin L. Mitchell, FAIA, Professor and Director of architecture and planning program at Morgan State University in Baltimore.

  • Providing weekly content for the promotion of his book, monitoring the
    message boards, and verifies related links to post on his site.

  • Organizing his book tour, setting up lectures and book
    signings at notable Universities as well as local TV and Radio stations.

  • Wrote his book proposal and marketing plan.

    - 2001 Reading and Literature Community Manager @

  • Provide weekly literature content too over 3000 members. Oversee 1500
    editors, review articles to be selected as the featured slot.

  • Post bulletins in the literary world, polls, moderate the forum, and plan events.

  • Communicate effectively to senior project manager, editor in chief on
    improvements to the communities.

  • Answers visitors, members, and editors questions. Post updated news in the literary.

    - 2001 Blacklines Magazine, Contributing Writer

  • Contribute business profiles, and interview CEO's, artists and technology

  • Book reviews on related topics of technology, construction, interior design,
    development and the arts.

    - 2001, Editor

  • Editor of the Harlem Renaissance topic.

  • Providing biweekly articles on the Harlem Renaissance with discussion by
    essays and reviews of works by famous literary writers and poets.

  • Obtaining new links to sources related to the Harlem Renaissance.

    - 2000-2001 Aetna US Heathcare, AAEN Executive Board Member

  • Aetna African American Employee Network dealing with Diversity in the workplace.

  • Newsletter Editor of the diversity network based in the Jacksonville office for
    the AAEN members and employees.

  • Articles pertaining to professional development and networking. Developed
    and wrote the newsletter proposal.

    - 2002 Instructor of the Joy of Reading Course @ Suite University

  • Wrote the 8 lesson course dealing with effective reading on the different levels of comprehension -- and is the instructor of the joy of reading course.

  • Post bulletins in the discussion area concerning helpful tips on enjoying the reading experience, monitor the forum, and plan literary events.

  • Communicate effectively to Deans and other University personnel to continue on providing an exceptional learning experience.

    Education / Training:
  • Ph. d in General Psychology                                               Pursuing

    Grand Canyon University                                                       Phoenix, AZ

    §  Concentration in Industrial / Organizational



    Master of Business Administration                                     Graduated 11/4/2012

    American InterContinental University                                   Hoffman Estates, IL

    §  Concentration in Marketing


    Bachelor of Business Administration                                  Graduated 5/7/2008

    American InterContinental University                                   Hoffman Estates, IL

    §  Concentration in Project Management

  • 1999-2001 Harcourt Learning Direct Scranton, PA
    - Certified Freelance Writer Specialize in nonfiction profile writing, proposal writing,
    press releases, business writing, and literary expose'.

    - Techical:
  • Windows NT, Microsoft Word 2000, Microsoft Excel 2000, Microsoft Powerpoint, and HTML coding.





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