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Contacting Me

I can be reach at the below email address or office number. If you prefer a SNAIL method please send an email and I will forward a physical address.

Email Address:

Office#: 904.307.2054


{Contact Me}: For contracting assignments for creative, literary reviews, course training writing, proposal writing, marketing plan, editing, and technical writing.

* For Content Manager this rate will vary - email for specifics of your agenda due to the length of your assignment could be longer, therefore special discounts would apply.

{Contact Me}: For press releases.


A retainer of 300.00: For the start up of designing and formatting the the layout of your site. The total cost for a one year assignment is 900.00 which can be broken up into 100.00 monthly installments. A one time designing and layout job with no monthly content editing is 600.00.

*An option to negoiate fee due to the customer preferred objectives. Email for specifics.

Will be negoiated at time of query: Microsoft Powerpoint, Access or Excel assignments will be handle on a case to case basis due to the unique company needs for a contracted assignment. Please email me to negioate terms and fees.


If for any reason the client is not justly satisfied with the service the client will be limited to the 25% retainer. Communications shall consist of email unless otherwise required by job complexity or by client request. Assignments are valid upon receipt of acceptance of terms from both parties - specifications shall be written out with job cost estimate.

Payment should be made out to Nichel Anderson and can be made through PayPal by sending to the contact email address. If you prefer sending a physical check please send an email query to obtain the physical address.

If no special payment arrangement has been made - the total bill is due no later than 30 days from the date of orinigal agreement of assignment.

If you have any questions please contact me and I will more than happy to assist in your quest to meet your business needs.


Nichel Anderson

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